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Malaysian Websites Suck


Because (in case you are so lucky you haven't stumbled upon any):

1. They take ages to load due to the heavily use of Flash on the website.
- Malaysians love using Flash (well most Asians do, Singaporeans too). I have dealt with a number of Malaysian clients before, trying to set up websites for them and all they care about is how flashy and fancy their site may look and not how useful it will be. And most of these Flash animations just make you dizzy. So yes I had to tell them to go somewhere else to get their websites done.

2. They have bad navigation design.
- You will have problem trying to look where you're going, what you should click, where you should go, etc.

3. You probably can't find any useful information on it.
- I recently had to plan some travelling so I thought I would check out the KTM's intercity trains. Surprise, surprise; after a long wait for the page to load and a good 10 minutes looking for the link to the [might have been] right page, I thought I could finally do a schedule and fee checking. But when I selected my departure point, the destination drop-down has only these options: Undefined, Undefined, Undefined, and Undefined. Woah that's helpful! Needless to say, they didn't get my business.

4. If you do manage to find some information, they are probably out of date.
- When I went on to look for bus/coach companies, I either get a directory list with phone number no longer in use, or the bus company's website again has again a way to stop me finding information. I finally found First Coach, whose website is surprisingly usable and the phone number is working! BUT, the website did not come up on my Google search on "coach company in Malaysia", meaning its SEO is a big problem. I've only heard of the company name before and I vaguely remember it so I searched for its name specifically. Still not a 100% user-friendly website but my God, for Malaysian standard, it deserves an A!

5. They don't know the function of a website.
- Yes, it's true. All these people setting up websites like all the Joneses around them just so that they can have the URL printed on their business card. And they think by doing so will make them lots of money.

6. Don't use their "Contact Us"
- And if they have an email address, DO NOT write to them. They will never reply! Can't understand why they even bother having one.

And if you think that's bad, try going to an advertising agency's or design firm's, or even a Malaysian digital media company's websites. All "style", no substance!

Can my mothership just take me home please? Take me home, where all bad Malaysian websites (which would be 99%) are banned.


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