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Earth Celebrating 2007

It is the last day of earth year – 2006. Earthlings’ are preparing to welcome 2007, the new year ahead.

Well, let’s see what’s new.

Millions of people are crowding around ‘happening’ places all over the world, watching the second hand on big giant clock ticks, and do count down. Sadly, what these earthlings do not know at this instance is, that they really are counting down to the end of their planet, sooner than later.

Fireworks! Yay! We had it last year, and the year before last, and the year before the year before last… but hey, we are having it like we’ve never had before! It’s bigger, more colourful, and surely, we are burning more of it. Let’s double… no, triple the amount. This way, even our neighbouring countries can see us, and be very jealous of us. And every country may wish to do the same. What’s the contribution of fireworks to mankind again?

Why can’t they have a peaceful New Year celebration, and pray for more surviving years for the planet?

Party time. It’s only trendy to b…

Take me back to Eris

I think I am one of those aliens stuck on earth. Actually, I know it.

We are put on earth to help earthlings face and get through the tragedies caused by their own destruction.

I have gone through earthling’s education system, learnt their languages and psychology, and got myself an earthly Masters and Degree titles.

We do not have super powers. Do not be deceived by those Sci-Fi movies and TV shows. But we are, of course, super capable. Multi-tasking and highly organised are just a couple of our many unearthly qualities, although some earthlings chose to call us anal. But how else do you think we did those crop circles in such a short time? We can see and sense what most earthlings cannot, due to our differently structured biological body, although reconstructed to look and function like earthlings’.

But believe me. Earthlings are hard work. Some can be so stupid and ignorant. They really are a patience-testing bunch. Through the years, some of us just simply couldn’t bear dealing with t…