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Fireworks: a commercialism hoax

Someone asked me: "Oh did you watch the fireworks last night? It was AWWWWWSOME! Soooooo beautiful! Uh... you didn't? But why? Don't you celebrate the Independence Day?" 
I often do not know what to say to these people, especially when they are supposedly my "friends". I do try and give a very diplomatic answer in a very polite way, not saying anything about how meaningless and environmentally unfriendly fireworks are, which they definitely have no freaking idea what the hell I am on about. So you'll see me coming up with fake reasons like:"Oh I can't see it from my window", or "I was so tired I fell asleep", etc.
What I've always wanted to ask them back is: what does all these mean to them? Oh look, boom: a red flash; boom: a blue one; and boom: another red! Then what? Tons of carbon dioxide and left behind rubbish to be cleaned up, plus money wasted on burning gun powder and chemicals away. Now... did anyone benefit from anyt…

Public Transport in Malaysia

As much as I despise the lifeless living in Singapore, I have to admit that their public transport system is near flawless. You can argue that the country is tiny, hence easy to plan and control; but it doesn't give anyone any reason to operate their public transport service horrendously bad just because it is bigger!

I have now been stuck in Kuala Lumpur for 3 months. Having sold my old car before I left the country years ago, I now have to depend on various public transport to get around the city. And what can I say? NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

Thanks to the heritage of my earthling foster family, I am temporarily (hopefully, fingers-crossed!) residing in a God-forsaken place where I have to take 4 different public transports just to get to work (the same applies to getting home): bus-train-train-bus! There are at least 6 hours spent on travelling everyday, and it's far worse than getting the bus from Southampton to Derby!

Why? You may ask.

Of course, the residential area being inacces…

Malaysia General Election 2008

Yes it is election time again for Malaysians, and you can see all the "hype and excitement" building up leading to the Big Day. Everywhere you go, you'll stumble upon or walk into banners, flag lines, buntings, and billboards filled with photos of election candidates along with cheesy slogans that lie through their teeth.

These advertising materials are hung from lamp poll to lamp poll, over the bridge, on the trees, as well as on some flats' main gates. You can even spot the gigantic prints pinned on the hills. Not only they are making the place look messy, they can be really hazardous too. I've seen a couple of middle school kids trying to cross the street, stumbling over some flag lines hung over the divider and nearly fell over onto the road. Fortunately, no one was showing off the power of their sports car at that very moment.

All these election candidates promised (on the outdoor advertising materials) to be everything you want them to be: sincere, of service…