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Uniquely Singapore Enbloc Fever (Part 2)

If this is the first time you're seeing this title, please refer to the prequel: Uniquely Singapore Enbloc Fever Part 1.

Here is what happened after that (I could probably make a movie out of it). If you have seen The Worst Week Of My Life (British TV comedy series), you will understand what I’m talking about, because this IS the worst week of MY life, till date.

5 July 2007, Thursday

So I tried to reason with that agent of mine that, since the contract has stated that either party has to provide a written 30-day notice in the event of early termination of the contract, she can't possibly fault me for this because it was HER who has neglected her responsibility as a real estate agent. And who is the one breaching the contract now? It's her who is not giving a 1-month notice! She can well keep my deposit as the rental of my final month, and shove her gangster attitude up where the sun doesn't shine.

I texted her. No reply. And I thought no news was good ne…

The Right to Consume, or Plain Ignorance?

One crazy woman was spotted in Ikea restaurant this evening, whilst taking her tray to the tray trolley after her dinner, picked up several packets of unused salt and pepper from the table next to hers, and placed them back where they came from.

These individually packed salt and pepper, was believed to be left behind by a very trendy looking couple, who obviously have the right to take whatever amount of salt and pepper they wish even though it is much more than what they needed and can consume. Afterall, it is free, and the cost has probably been worked into the price of the food; so what's wrong with that? And what damage would ditching a few packets of salt and pepper possibly do?

The damage is astronomical.

And that crazy woman was me.

Harmony in Cultural Differences

This looks like a very normal photograph of four beautiful young oriental girls.

But they aren't just any beautiful young oriental girls. They come from four different oriental ethnics: China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan (according to alphabetical order). And they are the best of friends.

Surely we have all heard about the long-term conflict amongst the four Oriental countries: China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Everyone of the countries has one thing or another against the rest, whether secretly or out in the open.

The worldwide debates of recognition on "who came from who", "which culture is mine and not yours", "whose land belongs to whom", etc, etc. What's so important about the national rights to a certain festival or food? Sounded like a few 5-year olds fighting over whose dad is the biggest. How embarrassing.

If only these country leaders could stop for 1 second and take a look at these four young ladies. There may still be a little communication ob…

Hygiene Notions

Out of desperation, I had to join the Sunday crowd at Ikea for my dinner.

Such a trendy place to hang out for families from a highly developed country, to show off that the wives do not have to do the cooking at home because they can afford to eat out.

After much struggle, I finally managed to snatch an empty seat at a table shared with a family. They had a stack of serviettes (paper napkins) on the table. When I said stack, I really meant stack. A 1-inch thick stack! How can a family of 2 adults and 2 toddlers need so many of that?

It is such a common scene that these humans will take much more than they should, when they can, even when they have absolutely no need for it. "Well, it's free", someone will tell you that.

It is also one of the many notions of "hygiene" in Singapore, well, also in many other places where humans reside. Since the extinct of handkerchief (some may not even know what it is or how to spell it anymore), the use of paper napkins is on the r…