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Flooded walkway in Kerinchi (Bangsar South)

When it rains, I prefer to walk home from the train station as there is no poisonous hot sun and heat to kill me. So when it was stormy and raining dogs and cats this afternoon, I thought I'd take the train then have a cool walk up the hill.

The moment I arrived at the walkway leading up the hill, all I could see was a muddy river (or more like a waterfall) rushing down towards me. There are drain holes along the walkway and some of the grill covers are missing or half broken, and there is no way one can walk up there safely in this condition. So I had to walk outside the walkway i.e. on the main road.

When I finally walked up to one spot where the steps were not covered in angry muddy water, I went back on the walkway and found where the river started:

What looks like a boiling evil spring (pictured above) is actually one of the drain holes. this must have been caused by a bad clog underneath that has forced the rain water out from the drain hole. On a stormy day like this in Malaysia, this is how much water you'd get in perhaps under an hour.

What happens is, this walkway has been utilised as a hawker street. There will be little food stalls along the walkway, providing takeaway as well as hot food to the locals. The problem is, I have seen these hawkers pouring anything and everything into the drain holes: hot oil, leftover food, etc. Making a living by selling affordable food is not a bad thing, but having no conscience about the environment is just worrying.

I live way up the hill so this muddy water is not going to affect me, but there are people living downhill. This is not the first time it's happened, but I can't understand why the problem is still left unattended. I sure hope that the new Bangsar South developers are going to do something as this is what's leading up to their posh and swanky township. But then their future residents would be driving or chauffeured in big shiny cars so the walkway is probably not a problem to them.


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