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Take me back to Eris

I think I am one of those aliens stuck on earth. Actually, I know it.

We are put on earth to help earthlings face and get through the tragedies caused by their own destruction.

I have gone through earthling’s education system, learnt their languages and psychology, and got myself an earthly Masters and Degree titles.

We do not have super powers. Do not be deceived by those Sci-Fi movies and TV shows. But we are, of course, super capable. Multi-tasking and highly organised are just a couple of our many unearthly qualities, although some earthlings chose to call us anal. But how else do you think we did those crop circles in such a short time? We can see and sense what most earthlings cannot, due to our differently structured biological body, although reconstructed to look and function like earthlings’.

But believe me. Earthlings are hard work. Some can be so stupid and ignorant. They really are a patience-testing bunch. Through the years, some of us just simply couldn’t bear dealing with them. It’s no wonder why that painter who was labelled as a nutter, killed himself. Only then these earthlings worshipped his paintings and make big money out of them. Sigh…


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Change Of Driving Direction On Just 1 Road In Petaling Jaya - Left To Right, Then Back To Left Within A Month!

Just when I'm about getting used to this 1 road in Petaling Jaya being changed to right side driving last month, walking across this road this morning, it has just been changed back to left side driving!!!

Picture taken on 3 Feb 2018

Picture taken this morning
Not that I would complain about it being reverted back to normal, but is this really a matter can be taken so lightly that some "authority" can just decide to change twice in such a short period of time? What exactly is the standard of healthy & safety of this country?
Or should I just be thankful that no one got killed because of that? Mind you, that's only my hopeful assumption.

All I want for Christmas

I love Christmas, but I have much reservation about the notion that, to celebrate Christmas means that you will have to buy something for someone, and subordinate completely to commodity without much thought. Every time I feel like buying something for my friends, I tend to think that I might be adding to: Their clutter - excessive wrapper and trimmings on top of gifts that my friends may have no idea what to do with. Do they throw them away? I may feel unappreciated. Do they reuse or recycle them? That may be too much work for them. They may just throw the wrapping paper away, but it’s still an unnecessary contribution to the landfill.Their chores - things like flowers, nice. But they would have to get the water changed everyday, and I will worry about what they would do when the flowers are dead. I normally bury them, but I can’t possibly expect all of my friends to do that too.Their extreme hassle and guilt as they may have no idea what to say to me - if they totally do not like wh…

Left Driving? Right Driving? Overnight Change Of Driving Rule On Just 1 Road In Petaling Jaya

The last time I checked, Malaysia is a left-hand driving country - at least that's how I remembered it. However, walking to work one morning, a familiar road has been changed to right-hand driving. I was just about to tell the driver off for driving on the wrong side of the road, only to realise that I was the one who was in the WRONG.

I have absolutely no idea why this particular road had a change in driving rule overnight, all I know is that this is a really dangerous thing to do, and that it probably can only happen in this country.

Another fame to the Boleh Land! I can only pray that no one gets hurt because of this.